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Sharon Pic 

                          Council Member Sharon A. Fowler

Sharon became a resident of Morningside in 1996; however, her family has had over a 50 year history within the town.  Her grandparents moved into the town in the mid 1950’s Council Member Fowler is married to Michael and has raised their family in Morningside, three sons and now 5 grandchildren.  Morningside has always felt like home so deciding to serve on the council was not a hard decision.

Council Member Fowler has consecutively served on council since 2014 and has been active very active since.  She has overseen the Public Works Department as well as building maintenance.  She also works directly with the events for the town, roads, ordinances, charter, lighting, and overall appearance. 

She was elected to her 1st term in 2014 and has enjoyed every minute of it. She has worked with or supported many needs of our town and our “entire” community, from the condition of our roads and street lighting, to the overall appearance of our town.  She is currently working on the town Ordinances and the Town Charter. As a councilmember and a citizen of the Town of Morningside she continues to make herself available to all citizens and constituents for feedback.