July 2018

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TUESDAY, JULY 17, 2018


The regular meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Mayor Bennard Cann. 

Vice Mayor Wade led all in the Pledge to the Flag.


Mayor Cann – Present
Vice Mayor Wade – Present
Council Member Blade – Present
Council Member Fowler – Present
Council Member Mullins – Present


  • Bates Trash & Trucking Company provided 2 representatives, Brent Bates who is the PG Residential Manager and LaTawn Marshall our new Route Manager.  Mayor Cann gave them time to speak to the Council and residents in attendance and then opened the floor to the residents to voice their convers regarding the trash service provided by Bates.

Barbara Miller from Pine Grove Dr: Her house is missed all the time, yard waste is not picked up and the trucks drive backwards on the streets creating hazardous conditions and cans are left in the street.

Todd Mullins from Suitland Rd:  Trash Is left on the street, cans are not emptied – bags just pulled out, cans left in driveways.

Karen Rooker from Randolph Rd – Extra can for yard waste is thrown up against the fence.  Will charge Bates if fence falls down.

Town Hall – Dumpster not added to contract & we are being charged even when it was not picked up.  What day will the dumpster be emptied?

Mayor Cann - read other concerns from a list compiled by the Admin personnel of other residents’ concerns.

More discussion ensued.  Mr Bates said he will talk to the crew who works this area to get things right.  He promised a new dumpster for the Town Hall to be delivered by Friday, August 20 or Monday August 23rd at the latest.  Code Enforcement Office Barry Wade asked who he should contact now that Sharita has left, was informed to contact Ms Marshall and will get her contact information.

  • MML Parks & Recreation was tabled for now.


Motion made by Vice Mayor Wade, seconded by Council Member Mullins to approve the minutes of the regular meeting of June 19 15, and the work session of July 105, 2018.  No further discussion.  All voted aye.  Motion carried.

MISCELLANEOUS/OPEN FORUM – There was no one signed up from the regular work session meeting of July 10, 2018. 


Resolution 2018-003 MEA GRANT SUPPORT

Motion by Council Member Fowler, second by Council Member Blade that the Town of Morningside Support the MEA Grant for FY 2018.  No further discussion.  All voted aye.  Motion carried.



Code Enforcement – Officer Barry Wade gave a written and oral report.  He stated that the Big Belly Trash & Recycling Bin will arrive on August 23rd.

Administrative Office - Clerk-Treasurer Karen Rooker gave an oral report.

Police Department - Chief Damron gave a written and oral report.

Council Member Blade – Working on Community Events for the rest of 2018.Vice Mayor Wade - Working with Public Works on cutting limbs overhanging the sidewalks and streets and painting curbs.

Public Works – Mike Johnson provided a written report.

Council Member Mullins - Commented on July 4th activities.  He also talked about Police car usage (the extra cars).

Council Member Fowler – The new chairs and tables have arrived.  The new flooring will be installed starting July 23rd.  There were 2 unexploded fireworks found after July 4th.

Mayor - Thanked everyone for their participation on July 4.  He will begin discussions again to gain a better rapport with Town businesses.  He will start doing ride-alongs again with the Police Department.


Street & Roads

Motion by Council Member Mullins, second by Vie Mayor Wade to accept Proposal #18-307 from Choice Concrete to do concrete repairs in the Town.  There is a list of places to be repaired in the contract.  No further discussion.  All voted aye.  Motion carried.

  • Vice Mayor Wade will be meeting with someone on 7/18/18 to discuss sealing and re-striping streets throughout the whole Town. 
  • There also needs to be a discussion started regarding the drainage problems on Pickett Dr. Council Member Mullins will talk to Choice Concrete regarding curbs, drain and asphalt for Lou Ln & Picket Dr.


AC Repair/Replace

  • JKS will be replacing the A/C unit on Sunday 7/29/18.

Ordinance Book

  • Dates were set up to continue working on the Ordinance Book August 14 at 6pm and August 21 at 6pm. 


Communications Calendar, UBS Statement, and VS Report

  • FYI for Council

PGCMA Meetings

  • The Mayor that more Council Members need to participate in these valuable meetings so we can keep our Banner City status.  The meetings will start again on September 27th and be held at various locations throughout PG County.  The meetings starts at 7pm but there is usually food/fellowship starting at 6:30.


 Ethics Committee

  • A Citizen asked about how the Committee is working.  Need to review and come into compliance.

 Restaurant Depot Membership

  • Discussion ensued and a consensus was to obtain a membership for the Town to use for our various events.

 National Night Out

  • The Chief updated all on this.  Signs will be done this week, he will formally invite the Fire Department to participate, Admin Associate Foster is working on the food permit, John Anthony and Dave Williams have volunteered to cook since Vie Mayor Wade will be out of Town.

Photos of the Public on the Website

  • The Mayor will follow up and find out from legal about posting pictures of the public on our website – what permissions are needed if any.

 Pay the Bills

  • Motion by Council Member Mullins, second by Council Member Fowler to pay the bills for the month of July in the amount of $98,750.17.  No further discussion.  All voted aye.  Motion carried.


  • Barbara Miller – Stated her concerns regarding the Trash Company.
  • Bonnie Kamenicky – Fireworks were great but you need to send out a paper bulletin, not everyone has a computer.  Why is the Town spending so much out of the Rainy Day Fund?  Do we have any idea who to contact to have all of the political signs taken down now that the election has been over for quite a while – they are an eyesore!
  • Taylor Foster –  Just wanted to let us know that there was sticky stuff left on the tables and chairs that had to be cleaned up before they could be used for her event this past Sunday

Meeting adjourned at 9:15 pm.