August 2018

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The regular meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Mayor Bennard Cann. 

Vice Mayor Wade led all in the Pledge to the Flag.


Mayor Cann – Present
Vice Mayor Wade – Present
Council Member Blade – Present
Council Member Fowler – Present
Council Member Mullins – Present
Town Admin – Karen Rooker – Present
Police Dept – Chief Damron – Present
Fire Dept – Absent (excused due to flooding)


  • The Mayor explained the Banner Cities Flag that the Town earned this year at the MML Summer Conference.
  • The Mayor read a thank you note to be signed by all Council members and given to the Redeemed Church for their donation of building maintenance supplies.  The Church rents the hall every two weeks for a prayer breakfast for their differently abled parishioners.
  • Police Chief Damon presented Cpl. Mitchell with a certificate of appreciation for going above and beyond the call of duty in helping a woman with car issues.  Cpl. Szmidt will also receive a certificate for the same event, he is not able to be here this evening.


Motion made by Vice Mayor Wade, seconded by Council Member Mullins to approve the minutes of the ordinance book update meeting of July 17, 2018, regular meeting of July 17, 2018,  the ordinance book update meeting of August 14, 2018 and the work session of August 14 2018.  No further discussion.  All voted aye.  Motion carried.

MISCELLANEOUS/OPEN FORUM – There was no one signed up from the work session meeting of August 14, 2018.



Public Works – Mike Johnson provided a written and oral report.

Code Enforcement – Officer Barry Wade gave a written and oral report.  He described the Big Belly Trash & Recycling Bin is part of a County program.  Rental Licenses were discussed.  He will work on securing dumpsters for the Fall Clean Up.

Administrative Office - Clerk-Treasurer Karen Rooker gave an oral report.

Police Department - Chief Damron gave a written and oral report.

Council Member Blade – Her report is listed under new business.

Vice Mayor Wade – Continuing to work with Public Works Department.

Mayor – Nothing new to report.  It is a slow time for the County and for us.

Council Member Mullins – Thanked everyone for coming out for the national Night Against Crime Event.

Council Member Fowler – She stated that the National Night Out Event went well and she is getting ready for the Fall MML Conference in Annapolis.



Bates Trash Company


  • The trash company has been on a 2 week probationary period according to the Mayor.  The owner, Bruce Bates, was asked to attend the meeting tonight, but he is currently on vacation.  He should be at the September meeting where several concerns will be brought to his attention.  The Mayor encouraged all to attend the September meeting.

Street & Roads

  • Council member Mullins has been in contact with Choice Concrete.  They are running behind schedule due to the weather.  Talk ensued regarding other ways to repair/improve the roads throughout the Town.  Council member Mullins will contact Choice Concrete about crack-filling.  He will also check with at least one more company so there is more than one estimate. 
  • Vice Mayor Wade stated that he is currently working on an ordinance to bring before the Council regarding blowing grass clippings out into the street & sidewalks.

Ordinance Book

  • Dates were set up to continue working on the Ordinance Book September 11 at 6pm and September 18 at 6pm. It is a long process that needs to be done.

Photos of the Public on the Website

  • Mayor Cann is checking with the Town Attorney by email but has not heard back from him yet regarding this matter.

Ethics Committee

  • We will need to find one new member for the Ethics Committee.  It will be advertised in the September newsletter. 
  • Check with the Committee members regarding the book that has the guidelines and rules needed for the committee.

Communications Calendar

  • FYI for Council


2019 National Night Out

  • Council Member Mullins has some suggestions on how to make NNO better next year and he has some possible sponsorship contacts.
  • The Mayo0r commended the Police Department on a great 2018 NNO Event.
  • The Mayor also stated that for 2019 there will be a committee established to help make it a bigger/better event. 

New Town Events

Council Member Blade is setting up an on-line account with Park and Planning for the Town.  She gave the following dates for Town events until the end of 2018:

  • Sept 8 (9am-4pm) & 9 (9am-12pm) – Fall Clean Up and Shot Clinic.  Shot Clinic times TBD.
  • Sept 15 2-4pm – Skate Van & Ice Cream Social, $3 per person.  Fliers through the schools and post it on the website.  Motion by Council member Blade, second by Council member Fowler for a $250 budget for the Skate Van/Ice Cream Social event.  No further discussion.  All voted aye.  Motion carried.
  • Oct 27 - time TBD – Trunk or Treat
  • Oct 31 – after Trick or Treat – Halloween Costume Contest
  • November 16 – time TBD – Senior Luncheon
  • December 15 – time TBD – Breakfast with Santa (will check with MVFD for location availability)

Fall MML Conference

  • Please let Clerk-Treasurer Rooker know by August 31 if you are planning to attend.  There will not be hotel reservations made as the conference is in Annapolis, just travel and parking reimbursements.

Pay the Bills

  • Motion by Council Member Fowler, second by Council Member Mullins to pay the bills for the month of August in the amount of $70,720.60.  This includes the last payment for the 2016 Police cruisers.  No further discussion.  All voted aye.  Motion carried.



  • Bonnie Kamenicky – She asked for an accounting of the rainy day fund usage.  Is still concerned about all of the political signs.  Code Enforcement Officer Wade stated that the signs of the winners from the preliminary election can stay up until after the November elections.  The losers were supposed to remove their sign 30 days after losing their election.  She stated that all signs are distraction when driving, just like texting is.  Code Enforcement will check with the County regarding other signs.  
  • Brenda O – Thanked the Town for the July 4th events.  Asked if we could maybe get a marching band for next year, check with Andrews. She also inquired about qualifications for the Ethic Committee membership.  We will get the info to her.


Meeting adjourned at 8:18 pm.