June 2018

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TUESDAY, JUNE 19, 2018


The regular meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Mayor Bennard Cann.  The following Council Members were present: Vice Mayor Bradley Wade, Katie Blade, Todd Mullins and Sharon Fowler.  Chief Amos Damron, Barry Wade from Code Enforcement, Michael Johnson from Public Works, Sgt. Marcello from the Morningside Volunteer Fire Department and Clerk-Treasurer Karen Rooker were also present.


Vice Mayor Wade led all in the Pledge to the Flag.


  • Bates Trash & Trucking Company was invited to the meeting tonight to address residents’ concerns, but a representative never appeared.
  • Mayor Cann shared that the Town is now considered a Banner City/Town by the Maryland Municipal League.  This is the first time this has been done by the Town.  He showed the plaque and the flag that was presented to the Town for this accomplishment.  They will be displayed for all to see.


Motion made by Vice Mayor Wade, seconded by Council Member Mullins to approve the minutes of the regular meeting of May 15, 2018; budget work session of May 17, 2018; budget work session of May 21, 2018; Tax rate hearing of June 5, 2018 and the work session of June 5, 2018.  No further discussion.  All voted aye.  Motion carried.

– There was no one signed up from wither the Tax Rate hearing or the regular work session meeting of June 5, 2018.


  • Emergency Ordinance 2019-001 – FY 2019 Tax Rate and Budget

Motion by Vice Mayor Wade, second by Council Member Fowler to  set the real property tax rate for FY 19 at $.78 per $100 assessed value and the personal property tax rate at $2.00 per $100 assessed value, and to approve and appropriate the budget for FY19.  The Mayor called for a roll call vote:  Blade – yes; Wade – yes; Mullins – yes; Fowler yes.  Motion carried. (A full copy of the Ordinance is attached to these minutes)


Fire Department – Sgt. Marcello gave an oral report. So far for June there have been 479 calls for service, call 311 if you need a smoke detector, Chief Stout and the Mayor attended an all-day class for the OEM today.

Council Member Fowler – All of her information will be discussed under Unfinished Business.

Council Member Mullins – All of his information is to be spoken about under Unfinished Business.

Mayor – June 10-13 was the MML Conference in Ocean City.  This year the Mayor was the Chairman of the conference, he has now been elected as a Board-Member-at-Large for the MML.  Informed those present that this week is National Garbage Man Week.

Vice Mayor Wade – He has been working with Public Works in cutting tree branches that over-hanging the public sidewalks.  Asked everyone to keep their yards up to code and if you see a yard not being kept up to call and we will have the Code Office check it out.

Council Member Blade – The Town sponsored a yard sale and a movie night.  The movie night was not as well attended as last year.  Next time we do a movie maybe use a large e instead of renting a blow-up screen.  The Next event is July 4th.

Police Department – The Chief gave a written & oral report. The new RMS system is not report friendly, so that is why there is no stat report for May/June.  The Police Dept will be attending a NARCAN class at MVFD on June 22.  Later that night (weather permitting) they will be doing a show of force.  There was a fatal accident on Sunday, June 17th on Allentown Rd. & Maxwell Dr.  Oscar Portillo is doing really well at the Police Academy.

Administrative Office – Clerk-Treasurer Rooker gave an oral report.  Worked to finalize the FY 19 budget with the Mayor & Council; Fireworks permitting process is complete; working on the LGIT Insurance renewal; MSRA class has been completed by Admin Associate Foster, Clerk-Treasurer Rooker will complete it next week; rentals are going well, need a few more for July & August due to vacations; Business License remittances are steadily coming in; talked to LGIT about roof repair reimbursement; talked to LGIT about reimbursement for legal fees from law suits; keeping up with daily Town business.

Public Works - Mike Johnson gave an oral and written report.  He will be meeting along with the Vice Mayor with representatives from WSSC for possible salt barn locations.

Code Enforcement – Officer Barry Wade gave a written and oral report.  He wants to update the trash information given to the residents, possibly a pamphlet.  He has mailed out about 85 rental property letters and the responses are starting to come in.



  • At the last work session, the Council was presented estimates for replacement flooring for the meeting room, hallway and all office spaces on the first floor of the municipal center.  They were also presented with estimates for replacement of the tables and chairs for the meeting room. 

Motion by Council Member Fowler, second by Vice Mayor Wade to purchase the replacements as follows:

Flooring from Suburban Floorcoverings, Inc. = $17,004.30

15 Tables from Sam’s Club = $750.00

70 Chairs from Office Depot = $4,176.00

No further discussion.  All voted aye.  Motion carried.

Spring Clean-Up 2018

  • Code Enforcement Officer Barry Wade proposes a rain date of June 2 & 3 for the Spring Clean-Up and Shot Clinic.

Spring Clean-Up

  • Both dates set for the Spring Clean-Up were rained out.  A new date has been set for the fall, September 8 (9am-4pm) and September 9 (9am-12pm).

 Salt Barn

  • Vice Mayor and Public Works meeting with WSSC on June 22 about possible placement for the salt barn.  There was discussion that there has not been a motion to purchase the salt barn yet.  The Clerk-Treasurer will review previous minutes for the motion.

Street & Roads

  • There were 2 bids to repair/repave certain spots throughout Town. 
  • Choice Concrete = $53,754.00 and Ft Myer = $99,760.00. 

Motion by Council Member Mullins, second by Vice Mayor Wade to go with the bid from Choice Concrete.  Discussion ensued and the Mayor opened the discussion to the members of the audience to voice their opinions.  After the discussion, Council Member Mullins withdrew his motion.

  • Council Member Mullins will ask Choice Concrete for a bid to just repair the concrete sidewalks and curbs.  There will be at least 2 entities that we will request bids from for sealing and re-striping all roads through the Town.

IT Proposals

  • The Town received bids for our IT support needs from Nauticon, Maryland Computer Services and Steelbeach Post Productions. 
  • Vice Mayor Wade has another company that would like to place a bid, so the awarding of the contract is tabled for now.

AC Repair/Replace

  • The air conditioning unit needs to be replaced as it will become obsolete in 2020.  The Council looked at 4 proposals; 2 to repair and 2 to replace.

Motion by Council Member Fowler, second by Council Member Blade to award the bid to JKS to replace the coil and condenser unit with a Rheem unit at a cost of $4,100.  No further discussion.  All voted aye.  Motion carried.

Ordinance Book

  • Dates were set up to start working on the Ordinance Book. July 10 at 6pm and July 17 at 6pm.  Each meeting will then roll-over into the Work Session on the 10th and the Regular Monthly meeting on the 17th.

Communications Calendar, UBS Statement, and VS Report

  • All Council Members were provided with updated copies of all 3 reports. 
  • The Council has asked to receive the UBS report on a quarterly basis as it does not change that much each month.

July 4th

The timeline for the July 4th events was set: Parade step-off at 11:30, Family Fun day event at Foulois Field at 2:30pm and Fireworks at dark.  The Town will once again rent 1 gas-powered golf cart for use at the day’s events. 

Motion by Council Member Fowler, second by Council Member Mullins to set a budget for July 4th Family Fun Events at $625.  No further discussion.  All voted aye.  Motion carried.  


Pay the Bills

  • Motion by Council Member Blade, second by Vice Mayor Wade to pay the bills for the month of June in the amount of $101,535.14.  No further discussion.  All voted aye.  Motion carried.



There were 3 people signed up to speak.  2 of them left before the open forum part of the meeting and one decided not to speak at this time.

Meeting adjourned at 9:01 pm.