The regular meeting was called to order at 7:02 pm by Mayor Bennard Cann.  The following Council Members were present: Vice Mayor Bradley Wade, Todd Mullins, and Sharon Fowler.  Police Chief Amos Damron, Code Enforcement Officer Barry Wade, Michael Johnson from Public Works, and Clerk-Treasurer Karen Rooker were also present.  

Motion by Council Member Fowler, second by Council Member Mullins to excuse Council Member Blade for tonight’s meeting.  No further discussion.  All voted aye.  Motion carried.


Vice Mayor Wade led all in the Pledge to the Flag.



Mayor Cann stated that the Morningside Volunteer Fire Department would now have a permanent seat at the Council table for their representative.  The person filling the seat tonight will be Deputy Chief Mike Stout.  Deputy Chief Stout gave a small presentation about Emergency Preparedness and stated that the Town & the Fire Department will be working closely on a plan of action should one be needed.



Motion made by Vice Mayor Wade seconded by Council Member Fowler to approve the minutes of the regular meeting of August 15, 2017 and the work session of September 12, 2017.  No further discussion.  All voted aye.  Motion carried.


MISCELLANEOUS/OPEN FORUM – there was no one present who had signed up to speak from the work session of September 12, 2017.





Administrative Office – The information for the 2016-2017 audit was picked up by the accounting office.  We should be on time this year!

Police Department – Chief Damron gave a verbal and written report for the month of August

Code Enforcement – Office Barry Wade gave a verbal and written report for the month of August. 

Morningside Volunteer Fire Department – Deputy Chief Stout gave a verbal report of the runs made by the Fire Department apparatus & personnel so far for the month of September.

Council Member Fowler – Her report will be delivered under unfinished business.

Council Member Mullins His report will be delivered under unfinished business.

Vice Mayor Wade – Has been assisting Public Works painting yellow curbs.  Looking into white stop lines for all stop signs in Town.  Might add another stop sign at the intersection of Ames & Morgan for safety issues.  Working with Imagine Academy regarding traffic congestion at drop-off & pick-up times.

Public Works – Michael Johnson was not present but left a written report for the month of August.  The Mayor touched on key elements of the report.


Page 2 Minutes 9/19/17




Employee Handbook –

  • The handbook went into effect today 9/19/17.  There are a few amendments needed pertaining to the Police Department.

Choice Concrete –

  • Council Member Mullins stated that the crack-filling project is complete.  There should be no more road work until the spring.  We need to look for grant money to complete the major repairs needed.

Grant Writer Contract –

  • Motion by Council Member Mullins, seconded by Vice Mayor Wade to sign the contract presented for hiring grant writer Gwen Mosley.  A small discussion ensued regarding the hours allowed and the ones in the contract were approved.  No further discussion.  All voted aye.  Motion carried.

Communications Calendar –  

  • Discussed paper version vs on-line.  The on-line version should be ready for roll-out by the end of the month.  The Mayor and Council Member Blade have been working on it.

Town Events –

  • Oct 28 – Trunk or Treat at the Town Hall.  6-9pm.  Costume Contest, games, and possibly a showing of the movie Hocus Pocus.
  • Nov 17 – Seniors Luncheon
  • Dec 16 – Breakfast with Santa.  10am-12pm. Might have to move to the Fire House because of attendance restrictions at Town Hall.
  • Turkey Give-Away for needy families for Thanksgiving
  • Food Baskets & Toys for needy families for Christmas.  Possibly working with Seek & Deliverance Church from BFTA.
  • A Newsletter should be out sometime in early October.




Public Works Employee/Budget Amendment –

  • In order to accommodate another full-time position in the Public Works Department, there will need to be an amendment to the budget to cover the cost.  We will need to move money from the following line items:

$3382.00 from Police Salaries

$699 from Administration Salaries (Clerk)

$50 from Public Works Miscellaneous

$88 from Public Works Telephone

$125 from Public Works Uniform Cleaning Allowance

Move the money to:

$671 to Public Works Salary

$33 to Public Works Retirement

$150 to Public Works Payroll Taxes

$3107 to Public Works Healthcare (Kaiser)

$268 to Public Works Dental (United Concordia)

$81 to Public Works Life Insurance (Hartford)

Page 3 Minutes 9/19/17


$34 to Public Works Worker’s Comp

  • Motion by Council Member Fowler, second by Vice Mayor Wade to make the needed adjustment to the budget to accommodate another full-time employee in the Public Works Department.  No further discussion.  All voted aye.  Motion carried.

Bates Contract –

  • Council Member Mullins is not happy with the service provided by Bates Trucking.  He wants gigantic improvements in all areas since we are continuing with them for the Town’s trash removal.  The current contract will be discussed at the next work session.

Versus Report –

  • The report was discussed.

UBS Account –

  • All Council members were provided copies of the statement from the Town’s UBS investment account.  The money in the account was discussed.

Pay the Bills –

  • Motion by Vice Mayor Wade, second by Council Member Mullins to pay the bills for September in the amount of $93,038.63.  It was noted that the amount was high because it included the yearly payment due for the Police Cruisers.  No further discussion.  All voted aye.  Motion carried.



Cecil Brown – This is his first Council meeting.  All welcomed him. He questioned if the Public Works position was still open and if it was full or part time.  Explained it was full-time and already filled.

Mrs. Kent – Expressed her concerns about the traffic related to Imagine Academy.  Her husband has put a no parking sign in front of their driveway and it is totally ignored.  There is too much speeding and no control of the children or parents.  She also inquired about a smoke detector from the Fire Department.

Brenda O – New lines need to be put on the roads.  There is way too much speeding and crazy driving, especially on the straight-way of Woodland Road.  Could the meetings be shortened up some since most of what is discussed is also discussed in the Work Session meeting? 

Rutha Thompson – Asked the Chief to check on the cars parked in front of the fire hydrant near her house at the intersection of Randolph & Allies.

Ms. Brown – Was wondering if the Town had ever thought of using the “Next Door” app on social media to announce the Town events?

Karen Rooker – What is the date of the Open House at the Fire Department (10/21 12-3).  Has the Town thought of putting up a stop sign and marking a stop line at the other side of Morgan and Ames?  The cars come flying through there and with more “walkers” from Imagine Academy, this is just an accident waiting to happen.  It would make it easier to get of Ames St if it were a 3 way stop.  Coming back to work today she noticed a great number of trash cans/recycling bins that were placed wither in the street or in residents’ driveways instead of back on the grassy areas near the sidewalks.  There needs to be more adult supervision for the children when Imagine Academy dismisses in the afternoon.  Just in the last 2 days she and Mrs. Foster have broken up several fights and had to ask the children not to throw the football in the parking lot near the cars.  If anyone has a question for the Town Council, and you don’t have a direct number for that person, please call 301-736-2300 and we will take a message for you.  We also can help with trash and other questions.

Page 4 Minutes 9/19/17


Mary McHale - Is there still a Beautification contest going on?  If so, who was the winner last time?  What is the Town email? (  Is there still a recreation council or committee?  We have a committee that is helping to plan events.  Wondered what the construction was at the end of Ames St.  Was told is it water hook-up for the Andrews Federal Campus near Rena Rd.  No they are not extending Ames St.  She requested we send her more Morningside news.  She has the Skyline Newsletter available for those present.

Mr. Trimboli – Talked about the school traffic & speeding.  He agrees that stop lines are needed to make the stop signs more visible.  He is concerned about cars parking on the yellow curbs.

Bonnie Kamenicky – She would like to see more new people at the meetings.  She suggested that each Council Member send out about 5 invitations each month to new addresses, personally inviting them to the Town meeting.  She volunteered to address the invitations.


Motion by Council Member Fowler, seconded by Vice Mayor Wade to go into a closed session to discuss a personnel matter.  No further discussion.  All voted aye.  Motion carried.


Meeting adjourned at 8:48 pm.


Respectfully submitted,