Town History

In 1949, a brave group of locals incorporated a piece of land near Andrews Air Force Base and gave it the name of Morningside. During the time of its origination, the area was behind times. Residents had no access to paved roads and were forced to rely on water and septic tanks for their utilities.

During the late 70s, the Town’s population began aligning itself more closely to what it is today. Change was plentiful. Citizens quickly  gained access to sewage systems, paved roads, public water, and storm sewers. Street lights were installed and Morningside Elementary School was erected.

The Town, which is also know as the “Gateway to the Nations Capital”, is located near Joint Base Andrews. Although it might not be easily recognizable to those outside the area, some of the world’s most influential individuals, including members of Congress, presidents, the Pope, kings, and queens have traveled the streets of Morningside, while in route to their flights. Throughout history, locals have witnessed some of the happiest moments, as well as those that have devastated the nation. As the Iran hostages returned to the United States, Morningside residents watched on. As John F. Kennedy progressed from Dallas to Washington, again Morningside watched on. And they still do so today. 

The Town is home to 2,015 (2010 Census) individuals of various backgrounds and ethnicities. With the help of its longtime mayor, Gerald A. Glaubitz, and those who served as Mayor prior and after the Town has grown and prospered into what we have today. Although Morningside is steeped in history, current residents maintain the opinion that the Town’s best days remain ahead.

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