Paying Code Enforcement Citations

Receiving a Violation

Upon confirmation of a code violation, a warning or violation notice is provided to the owner/occupant of the property. The notice clearly lists the nature of the violation, required correction, and the date by which the correction must be completed. If the recipients of a violation notice have any questions or concerns, they are encouraged to contact the Code Office to discuss the violation and its resolution at 301-736-2301 or send an email to

If a code violation is not corrected in the time allotted and the property owner/occupant has not contacted the inspector to arrange for an extension, a Municipal Infraction Citation may be issued to the property owner. This is a Maryland Civil Citation, and carries a fine. If the fine is not paid within 20 days, and if the property owner fails to correct the problem within the allotted time period, the Town may correct it and charge the cost of the work to the property owner. If the charges are not paid, the Town may add the cost of clean-up and citation to the owner’s property taxes as a lien.

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